Foto de perfilMarcos NespoloSoftware Engineer / Design EngineerBrazilian
Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Artificial IntelligenceUniversidade Federal do Paraná2024 - 2025
Postgraduate Diploma in Agile Software DevelopmentUniversidade Federal do Paraná2024 - 2025
Associate Degree in Systems Analysis and DevelopmentUniversidade Federal do Paraná2018 - 2023
Technical Sergeant in Army MaterialEscola de Sargentos de Logística - Brazilian Army2014 - 2015
Software Development TechnicianInstituto Federal do Paraná - IFPR2011 - 2013


React.js & Next.js
SCSS & Tailwind
UX/UI & Figma
Postgres & Supabase
Foot Orienteering
I am a software engineer with experience in developing web applications using TypeScript, Next.js, React.js, Node.js, Supabase, and PostgreSQL. I have a good understanding of back-end and front-end technologies and a strong ability to adapt to new technologies and programming languages, which allows me to develop full-stack applications. I am a team player and have a good communication skills which allows me to work effectively with different stakeholders and team members to ensure projects are delivered on time and to a high standard. I am proactive and dedicated to continuously learning and improving my skills to stay up to date with the latest technologies and best practices.
2 yrs and 11 mos(jun. 2021 - now)

Troquecommerce is an automated platform that empowers eCommerce retailers to manage returns and exchange products in Brazil.

Full-Stack Developer(oct. 2022 - now)

As a Full-Stack developer for Troquecommerce, I continued my responsibilities as a front-end developer, UI/UX design tasks and began to have more contact with the back-end. As a result, I was able to improve my knowledge in Node.js and work directly with the Supabase Postgres database, proposing enhancements and implementing in the APIs and modifications in the data structure of the application.

  • Mentor inexperienced developers
  • Architectural decisions and software planning
  • Propose, create and implement improvements to APIs REST
  • Propose and implement modifications in the database structure
  • Creating visually-appealing and user-centered screen prototypes by adhering to UI/UX design principles and best practices.
Tech Stack: TypeScript, Next.js, React.js, Node.js, APIs REST, Supabase, PostgreSQL, Tailwind, Figma, Canva, UI/UX
Front-End Developer(jun. 2021 - oct. 2022)

As a Front-End developer for Troquecommerce, since the creation of the company, I was able to improve my knowledge in TypeScript, React.js and Next.js. In addition to Front-End development, I participated in the prototyping of platform screens and also in the creation of the visual identity, using tools such as Figma, Illustrator and Canva, with constant concern for UX design trends.

  • Mentor inexperienced developers
  • Architectural decisions and software planning
  • Create pages and components, using Tailwind and Styled Components
  • Create visually-appealing and user-centered screen prototypes by adhering to UI/UX design principles and best practices.
  • Create the company's visual identity
Tech Stack: TypeScript, React.js, Next.js, Tailwind, Styled Components, Figma, Canva, UI/UX
7 mos(feb. 2022 - sep. 2022)

Nelogica is the biggest Brazilian technology company that develops electronic trading platforms for the financial market, such as trading systems, risk management and back-office solutions. It offers solutions for brokerage firms, banks, and other financial institutions.

Front-End Developer

As a front-end developer at Nelogica, I was responsible for designing and implementing the user interface and user experience. Being a high-demand system with thousands of simultaneous users and requiring minimal latency, the Home Broker team had a constant concern in maintaining the system highly performant while maintaining quality, even with weekly deliveries of new features.

  • Important participation in the creation of the company's new product, aimed at the cryptocurrency market
  • Meetings between the front-end and UI/UX teams
Tech Stack: JavaScript, Vue.js, SCSS, HTML5
LinkYou Software & Integration
3 mos(mar. 2021 - jun. 2021)

LinkYou provide after sale automation for ecommerce. Focused on integrating the online stores with the shipping companies and ERPs, providing custom microservices based on demand.

Python Developer

As a developer on the LinkYou team, I worked on creating integrations between e-commerce store APIs, ERPs, and carriers using Python. In addition to gaining experience in back-end development, I was able to enhance my knowledge in other areas by researching and creating a new visual identity for the company.

  • Create microservices for tracking orders from logistics companies
  • Create the company's visual identity
Tech Stack: Python, Microservices, Design
Brazilian Army
7 yrs and 7 mos(apr. 2014 - nov. 2021)

The Brazilian Army is the branch of the Brazilian Armed Forces responsible for land-based military operations. It is responsible for the defense of the country's sovereignty and the maintenance of internal security.

Sergeant - IT Manager(nov. 2018 - nov. 2021)

With a primary focus on IT support and infrastructure, in the Brazilian Army I was able to deploy servers that use virtualization systems. The configuration of virtual machines and administration of Linux systems and the planning and creation of Backup routines are important points that I developed during this period. In parallel to the support and IT infrastructure, I developed two systems for internal use of the military headquarters I worked on. The first one was made in Django and the second one in PHP, both connected to MySQL relational databases.

Tech Stack: IT support, IT infrastructure, XOA, Squid, DHCP, SAMBA, Django, PHP
Sergeant(jan. 2016 - oct. 2018)

As a Sergeant, I performed a diverse range of duties including administrative functions such as public procurement and internal administration, as well as technical tasks in metallurgy and machining. Additionally, I served as an instructor in training courses for Soldiers and Corporals, providing specialized instruction in the military regime.

Sergeants Training Course Student(apr. 2014 - dec. 2015)

During the Brazilian Army Sergeant Training Course, I developed vital leadership abilities, strengthened my sense of camaraderie, and honed my emotional stability in the face of challenging situations.

Instituto Federal do Paraná
1 yr and 2 mos(oct. 2012 - dec. 2013)

The Federal Institute of Paraná (IFPR) is a public federal institution of higher education and research, located in Brazil.

CNPq Research Student

As Full Stack Web Developer in the A.V.I.A.O. combines JavaScript technologies jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, PHP and SQL to create dynamic web pages using the AJAX technique. In this project I had the opportunity to learn a little about interface ergonomics.

Tech Stack: JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, PHP and SQL
Atlantis(nov. 2022 - apr. 2023)

The development of a web system where a fishkeeping expert can establish a comprehensive database, allowing another aspect of the system to provide assistance to users interested in setting up home aquariums. It will inform them if the chosen species of fish are compatible with one another and with the specific characteristics of the aquarium.

Tech Stack: TypeScript, React.js, Next.js, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Supabase
Guarde-On(oct. 2020 - oct. 2020)

The Guarde-On was the planning of an application that integrates tourists, community and technology, using a centralized information platform that enhances user's practicality, their immersion with the trip, as well as the conservation of the Conservation Units. It was developed during the Conservathon, which was a 3-day Hackathon focusing on sustainability and protection of species and habitats in the Great Atlantic Forest Reserve.

Tech Stack: Figma, Notion
AVIAO(aug. 2012 - dec. 2013)

Researcher and developer in the A.V.I.A.O. (Intelligent Virtual Environment of Guided Learning). The A.V.I.A.O project aimed to develop an intelligent virtual environment for teaching mathematics, capable of mapping gaps in the student's training, and then providing teaching material aimed at that specific disability.

Tech Stack: JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, PHP and SQL
Data Lab.(apr. 2012 - oct. 2012)

Student/Collaborator in the Database Laboratory, in this project we set up a SAMBA server to be used as a repository for IFPR students.

Tech Stack: Database, SAMBA
ACAT(aug. 2011 - aug. 2011)

ACAT was a system developed in C# that solved and taught to solve, step by step, trigonometry problems, obtaining the 1st place in the innovation category at the 1st Science Fair of the Federal Institute of Paraná.

Tech Stack: C#